June 13, 2012

Booty Camp DVD Winner, Giveaway Angst, & Mega-Thanks

So a winner of the Booty Camp DVD program has been chosen, hooray!

But honestly, the selection process was painful. A number of you were so helpful, amusing, compelling and awesome in meeting the suggested entry requirements that I felt even more crappy than usual facing the reality that only one winner could be selected.

Having the random number generator be part of the process helped, but it only did some of the narrowing. The whole thing is making me think twice about having a non-random aspect to giveaways in the future.

Here's the problem: if I ask for favors from readers (tweeting, facebook, market research etc) and some people then help me out quite generously and enthusiastically, and then all they get in return is a greater chance of winning something, but then they don't win anything? That seems kinda shitty. I'll be curious, if anyone decides to comment, what you all think about it. Should I limit giveaway winner selection from now on to purely random chance?  Do you feel ripped off if you go out of your way to help out a blogger and then don't get anything for it? The whole marketing/contest combo seems, in retrospect, a little sleazy.

So, many thanks to those of you who helped me out, whether it was by facebook, twitter, allowing me to use your email address for a still-hypothetical newsletter, giving me feedback, or writing a great comment.  And so sorry if you didn't win! But you know who you are, and I know who you are, and all I can say is how appreciative I am of your efforts.

Also, I was very grateful to several websites who recently included Cranky Fitness in lists of health & fitness blogs to check out, perhaps accidentally thinking this was a useful, credible resource. It was very flattering to be included along with other blogs that are actually good!

So thanks: Her Campus, Health Habits and Xahir, I really appreciate it!

OK, so enough preamble, who won the Booty Camp 11 DVD Giveaway?

It was Kimberly at 45 and 304. Congrats, Kimberly, and please email me your mailing info by the end of the coming weekend so we can get those DVD's out to you!


  1. lets all meet at KIMBERLY'S HOUSE for a workout :-)

  2. Isn't it kind of the same if i buy a raffle ticket and don't win? There's a greater chance the more tickets i buy, of course, but no guarantee, and either way, i'm helping someone.

    Just my crazy take on things.

  3. I second Mizfit's idea. the winner should host a workout at their place :)

    Congratulations Kim!

  4. If it's a blog I love and read often, I prefer the contribute route and non-random-ness. Yes, it makes your job suck, but I'd rather have a chance with other folks who honestly care than be one amongst the gobs who just troll the intarwebs for free stuff and may never return. (Does that make sense?) I've been known to pass by awesome giveaways if they are on a blog I don't read and know I won't ever read regularly. I feel those who are devoted should be favored.

    Workout at Kimberly's! Count me in!

  5. There is a winner and lots of not winners. Only thing I did not like is you said you would pick a winner in a "week or so" Having to keep checking when there was not a post to read was, well, me personally did not like it. One perk, being new to your website, I hung out awhile and read some of your past posts. Some day I will win something. HA!

  6. Heck I do giveaways on a website every day for like numerous items and I never win. So no hard feelings. I think the random generator is a good idea.

  7. Congrats Kim - enjoy your Ultimate Home Edition DVD Vol 2 set!

    Lisa Richards
    Communications Manager
    Booty Camp Fitness

  8. I understand how the giveaways go BUT I DO understand your thoughts too - I feel the same way!!!

    I started that email me within 48 hours thing specifically for people that don't come back. Heck, if I go to a new blog & enter, I at least write that blog down so I go back!

  9. How about a place for us to comment on what a great life coach you are. I wanted to post it before but thought it sounded too much like I was sucking up to get the DVD's. Not that I wouldn't suck up to get Free Stuff. I just don't want to be obvious and all.

  10. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Work out out my place!

    Thanks Crabby!!!

  11. Congratulations Kimberly on your prize....
    P.s Crabby, here at http://pure.xahir.com/ we are not crying in the corner with a safety blankie because we didn't win lol, but we are very honored you gave us kudos for your review: http://pure.xahir.com/crankyfitness/. Additionally, we it would be awesome to win some cool stuff in the prospective future; have a great day everyone :-D

  12. You deserve it Kimberly! I saw your blog and you've been on this path for over a year! You go girl! I totally get you Crabby... I would feel the same way about picking only one... I like the others ideas about putting in more "tickets" per help you get from them so their chances are stronger... (maybe you do this already?) Also, a specific day to pick was a good idea too! PS I am new to your blog. BTW, it's great! Thanks for listening! - Virginia


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