February 14, 2012

Stalking Your Mentors Plus More Giveaway Winners!

One fun benefit of having a blog, is that sometimes you get to run giveaways. And the most common method of picking winners is to use the Random Number Generator.

But I hate the horrid random number generator. Because I DO have favorite folks who comment here, and I'm intrigued by many of the new folks who stop by, and I always hope the RNG will align with my preferences and pick someone I'd love to see win! Very often, though, it doesn't.

Evil Random Number Generator!

On the other hand, I also love the Random Number Generator.  Because what happens if you don't use one? Well, you have to pick a winner yourself, and own up to that choice, and then picture all the other deserving folks who didn't win and it's all your fault 'cause it was you who didn't pick them.

That's why I  generally take the wussy way out and use the RNG. (Although this week I have to say I'm quite pleased with where it landed; and don't worry, I will eventually tell you who won the Jungle Gym XT and the Life Coaching package).

But as it happens, there is a life coach/self-improvement blogger I've been following enthusiastically, Tim Brownson, who is running a giveaway for life coach mentoring on his blog.  And he not using random number generator.  So despite the fact there are already hundreds of gazillions of contenders, I'm throwing my hat in the ring.  The guy is wicked smart, funny, inspirational, publishes useful self-improvement ebooks (some for free) and uses lots of swear words.  What's not to like?

Why am I mentioning this?  Well, Tim is just as much of a google-whore as I am, and he wants lots of potential coaches to know about his offer.   Plus, I'm sure he wouldn't mind a few new blog readers, coaching clients and ebook buyers hearing about him as well.  He's a very amusing blogger, so feel free to click on one of the links above and perhaps Tim will notice and it will help my chances of scoring his help for free.

And if you didn't win the life coaching part of the Cranky Fitness giveaway, and are interested in some life or wellness coaching, and don't want any from me despite my already affordable life coaching rates plus the limited time Cranky Fitness 50% off discount good until March 1... then Tim would make an excellent choice!  His wisdom and extra years of experience will no doubt more than make up for rather large price difference between us. And his ebooks are excellent and often either free or cheap!

Hey Tim, Lookin' Good!

OK, so enough self-promotion and mentor-stalking, let's find out won the Cranky Fitness Big Weird Giveaway, shall we?

TRX-knockoff suspension trainer

The winner is Sinner Ella De'Ville! Whose giveaway comment btw, was particularly hilarious. This doesn't usually make a difference to the RNG but apparently it was in a whimsical mood this morning.

And who won the Life Coaching Package?

Runs With Blisters!

Congrats, winners, and please email me before the end of the day Friday to claim your prize. I'm at Crabbby McSlacker @ gmail.com.

And thanks to everyone who commented at either post, I love your comments and really appreciate them.


  1. I am interested in getting a life!

    I will check out the Tim blog! :-)

  2. HOLY CRAPATOLLA, ROCK N ROLLA! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! I don't think you get how excited I am. You should look up a YouTube video: SNL surprise party Christopher Walken. I'm Sue excited. OMG OMG OMG! I'm gonna make a video of my retarded attempts at using it when I get it and you can put it on your blog. :)

    1. Congrats! And I am SO gonna take you up on your offer of a video, especially if you go with the aforementioned bondage/child restraint options.

      But sorry, duct tape not included!

  3. How freakin’ awesome!!! I can’t wait to upgrade my pathetic little life with your Coaching Sessions! Woo! (I know I don’t sound as excited as Miss De’Ville, but really I am…)

  4. That's excellent Runs with Blisters, I'm really looking forward to working with you!!!!

  5. I believe we are crashing his server. :)

    Congrats Runs With Blisters!

  6. Can anyone get his site to load? Did Cranky Fitness readers do this all themselves? We may have just destroyed any winning chances for you...

  7. Hey thanks quilting doberman! He's got a ridiculous number of eager coaches vying for his attention, so I doubt it's huge hordes arriving from Cranky Fitness, but one can always hope!

  8. Your random number generator looks like a Gremlin!!!! Spike, but in RED!

  9. Sadly, starving bitch, I can't remember where I stole him from.Hope he doesn't get too pissed off at the lack of photo credit and come looking for me!

  10. Well, I can't EXACTLY show video or photos of child restraints, but I can torture them with the fitness part prior, and send you video of that! And hubbs would totally be ok of the bondage part. Just not so sure Crabby readers will be. lol

  11. Congrats to the winners, and you always find the neatest stuff.

  12. That's excellent Runs with Blisters, I'm really looking forward to working with you!!!!
    I just the same.

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  14. There is a "coach" for everything, isn't there?!

    I have the same confliction with RNG. Fortunately, my last giveaway also magically aligned with frequent readers. Maybe RNG now has a coach and is getting its life together.

  15. Nitmos! Great to see you again! Off to see what you're up to over at your place...

  16. Adding Instability to Your Workout: Clever Idea.