February 10, 2012

Pycnogenol Giveaway Winner and Solemn Promise

Remember our jaunty little French Maritime Pine Bark Pills?

Not Actual Size. Oh, and they're capsules, not people.

Well, the random number generator has bestowed them upon...Jodie Dierickx! Congrats, Jodi, and please email crabbymcslacker at gmail dot com with your mailing address by Wednesday Feb 15th to claim your prize, or I'm afraid a new random drawing will be held.

Oh, and for those who were curious about the research behind pycnogenol supplements, I've got an updated link to a bunch of studies about pycnogenal health benefits.

Also, for those of you who like to win free stuff, don't forget to check out the Fixing Broken New Years Resolutions Giveaway if you haven't already entered. Prizes are either a gently used Jungle Gym suspension trainer or a package of free life coaching sessions valued at $275.

Wait, what? Some of you hate reading giveaways? No worries! The next Cranky Fitness post is going to be about a cool way to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, and I promise it will contain absolutely no opportunity whatsoever to win anything!

So stay tuned and have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks both of you, love you guys!

    I actually did get a couple complaints about the "boring" giveaway posts of late. Not that it will keep me from running them, as I love free stuff myself. But it is a reminder to mix it up a bit more.

  2. You hardly ever give away anything I could actually use, and yet--I am not bored!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. What Grinch doesn't like give aways? Gimminy, does s/he think it's fun to alphabetize the pantry and hate kids and dogs, too?

  4. Seriously? You had complaints? I was about to teasingly say "Yay, no freebies!" when I read that you're serious. Yikes. Silly people. :)

  5. Im ready.
    I could use more effectivenessment, Crabby!


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