November 18, 2011

Giveaway Winners, ManCandy and An Awesome New Health Hazard

Photo: swiped from Kelly Olexa's Blog

So, did you win Jillian Michael's BodyMedia Fit Armband?

Or were you perhaps one of 5 winners of the Magically Nutritious Mushroom Powder with Vitamin D? (And sorry, magic mushroom googlers, these mushrooms do not feature that particular kind of magic.

And what newly diagnosed medical condition was I entirely delighted to learn about? Find out more in this edition of Lazy Links, now with bonus gratuitous pictures of chiseled hotbodies!

First up:

Giveaway Winners!

So, the Random Number Generator had a busy morning and was last seen gasping with exhaustion and headed for a long nap.  But before retiring, the RNG picked the following five winners of the Dole Mushroom Powder:

Big Girl Bombshell
Kat at Balance and Spice

And who did the RNG pick for the Bodymedia Fit armband and 6 month Activity Manager subscription?

That would be: S.P. Avenger!  

Important Note to Winners: You just have until Wednesday November 23rd to claim the prize, or we'll have another drawing!  Email me at Crabby Mcslacker at gmail dot com (some assembly required) with your name and mailing address.

'Round The Web:

Fun new medical diagnosis: Don't you love it when media outlets invent new medical disorders? Well, the new maladay of the month is... Sleep texting!  Can't you picture the possibilities?

Sadly, though, the sleep texting alarmists are sorely in need of better case studies.  So far, they just seem to be talking about a few people dozing off and sending gibberish texts. C'mon folks, we can do better!  This could be even more hilarious than Sleep Eating, another sad disorder in which sleeping people arise, prepare, and eat things like cigarette sandwiches or cereal bowls full of dog kibble.  Sleep texting has GOT to have some funny anecdotes, don't you think? Has anyone heard of any? Fortunately, with my fat thumbs I can't text a coherent sentence even when awake, so I'm not too worried. But for you youngsters prone to late night texting, the docs advise you to keep your phone well out of reach.

Diet tip: Is it possible to enjoy a satisfying spaghetti dinner for 100 calories? I didn't try the recipe, but it sounds promising, as well as quick & easy.

Quinoa!  I'm a fan, but had forgotten why it's so good for you.  Fortunately Jody at Truth2BeingFit has the scoop, along with an awesome looking recipe.

Poisoned Peanut Butter: You probably already caught this, but I'll repeat the alert--especially since Cranky Fitness readers seem statistically more likely than average consumers to purchase natural peanut butters.  So if you've got any in your cupboard, do check in about the Smuckers Chunky Natural Peanut Butter recall. (New! Now with salmonella!)

Want a tranquil "Buddha Brain" in a pocket-sized user's manual? Rick Hanson has a new book out called Just One Thing. Since I am a big fan of the guy, you will probably hear more about it in the upcoming Cranky Fitness Holiday Gift Guide, which, I'm sincerely hoping, will come out before the holidays and not sometime in March.

Fitness inspiration Plus ManCandy!

There are lots of other reasons to visit, but one of my favorites is that she finds the best photos! I'm all for the objectification of male bodies, just on general principle to even things out a bit.  But if you're looking for inspiring pictures of strong women, she's a great go-to source for those too.

I don't know where she get's em all, but I appreciate a reminder that there are payoffs for hauling our asses out of bed and hitting the gym.

Strong women are hot!

Random Twitter Stuff:

And sorry, I didn't get a chance to double-check the links, so please let me know if any are broken!

One of those supplements I forgot why I was taking, Co-Q10, helps exercise-related inflammation:

"Expert" advice says don't tell people if you're trying to lose weight. Hmm, 8 billion weight loss bloggers all dead wrong?

High IQ linked to GREATER rate of illegal drug use. Also surprising (to me): only 1 in 6 women have tried pot by 30.

Grossest headline of the month? It's a tie! "Green or yellow phlegm likely to be bacterial",  And "Sex with animals may be tied to risk of penile cancer" from the LA Times.

Good news for light to moderate boozers (less than 3 drinks/day). Study says no increased cancer risk.

Study questions low sodium diets, due to rise in cholesterol: But wait--put down that shaker: lots of caveats.

Yikes, creepy! 20% of people thought to be in vegetative state may actually be conscious:

Good news now that calcium's gotten all controversial: aerobic exercise + omega 3 boosts bone health post-menopause.

More fruit, less meat means smaller waist size: But runners get more leeway.

So that's all we got this week!  Any thoughts, complaints, funny jokes, evil conspiracies, weekend plans?  At Cranky Fitness, it's all good!


  1. Crabby, I got nothin,' but wanted you to know I was here. I'm currently experimenting with pea flour as a base for fake guacamole. It's practically health food.

  2. Lots of great links. I have used Spaghetti Squash as a pasta replacement. It didn't go over very well with kidlets and S.O. but I like it just fine.

    Congrats to the winners.

  3. At first I was all mad at not winning EITHER giveaway. But then you slipped me a nice cuppa Ryan Reynolds. So I'll forgive you. If I don't short out my keyboard with all this drool. :)

  4. I like spaghetti squash! However the first time I cooked one was in the microwave. I forget how long I set it for, but my mistake was not piercing it (or cutting it in half). a few times before hitting the cook switch. Fortunately, I was in another room when I heard a loud explosion in the kitchen. Running into the room, I discovered I had "redecorated" the kitchen in early spaghetti squash! Every surface from ceiling to floor had squash on it! No damage, except for lots of cleaning up for me to do :-)

  5. I have nothing much to say.... except thanks for the man-candy. 'Scuse me while I go back for another look!

  6. I like spaghetti squash instead of noodles. The hubs won't try it though. Really, how much flavor is there in a noodle covered in sauce?
    And thanks for the nice man candy on a cloudy Friday.

  7. HumanCandy! Very, er, inspirational.

    Lucky me: I don't like chunky PNB.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  8. Great links! Thanks for keeping us posted.


  9. Spaghetti squash is delicious, any way you fix it. Like Hilary, my Sweetie and kids wouldn't agree.

    It's great to blog about your weight loss. The people reading are mostly strangers. The people you shouldn't tell are close friends and relatives. Studies show they tend to sabotage you, wanting to keep you just the way you are, even if its subconscious on their parts.

    Looking forward to your Christmas review list.

  10. I took that photo of Ryan when he came over to swim one did you get it? Apparently my bribe got lost in the mail to win the giveaway. Damn USPS can't even get delivery right in good weather. *sigh*

  11. Always so entertaining!!! I have some links to check out! AND, thx for including me! :-)

    As for the texting, I have not heard that BUT Ellen has the funniest segment of REAL texts that people send when the automatic speller on their cell phone changes a word or two & the sender does not catch it & sends it anyway - very very funny!!!

    Got to check out the pics over at Kelly's place too! I have to say, yes, I am embarrassed to say I watch TMZ for some of the funny stuff on there & easy veg out watching BUT they were bashing super fit/muscular women on there last night - I guess what's his name, one of the baseball guys that was with Cameron Diaz had a bunch of these super fit ladies with him. Really pisses me off that they can't see how much better they look then those skinny skinny model types BUT heck, look at these people talking so I guess I should expect it. BUT, Harvey Levin, the guy that developed this is a work out fiend so you would think he should defend them - I might have to write him! ;-)

  12. Strong women ARE hot! Love it. And while I enjoy spaghetti squash, like Hilary, my kids are not as keen on it.

  13. ahhhh KO and her MANjoyment.
    I think we should start a BOOKjoyment weekly post.

    does that mean Im old?
    or nerdy?

    or NOLD?!

  14. Congrats to all the winners :)...I should take part next time.


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