April 10, 2015

Where the Heck is Crabby?

By Crabby McSlacker

So we're on the first hop of our journey... and as I threatened, I thought I'd see if there are any good guessers out there who could figure out where I am. 

There is food here!

And shopping.

There are a lot of sights that would look prettier if the sun were out.

Public transportation is speedier, cleaner, and more reliable than at home, and its patrons are more polite.

They apparently have television here although we haven't watched any.

Yet some familiar things are done in unfamiliar ways!

(OK, that was the only toilet of its kind we saw, but since I absolutely hate it when people pee all over toilet seats, I find the whole squatting arrangement to be quite practical). 

And let's not even speak of this next photo.  Jet lag is the only defense I can offer.

So I'm missing you guys as we spend another day or so in ??, before we're off to the next place I'm going to make you guess about.

What's everyone up to this weekend? And if you've figured out where I am, or want to venture a wild guess, what would you come up with and why?


  1. Hi Crabby!
    Hope you're eating well with that interesting food! With all that blond hair, I'm gonna say Sweden!

    I, too, am in favor of such toilets, just as in Europe.

    Say, could that be HK? ;)

    Yours, Dave/Tabby

  2. I have no idea so I'll second Dave's guess with Hong Kong.

  3. Hong Kong, Ms Cranky!

  4. Obviously Asia, I don't remember seeing any bamboo scaffolding in Tokyo, so I rule that one out. Hong Kong does seem like a pretty good guess.

  5. Wherever it is, i hope you are having a great time!

  6. Say hello to Hong Kong! I remember that 16 hour flight well!

  7. Clearly we have some world travelers and clever guessers amongst the Cranketeers! Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing us well in our travels. Have had a great time in Hong Kong, including a lovely day trip to Cheung Chau, though the weather has kinda sucked so far. More adventures and hopefully some better pictures coming later!

  8. Ah the squatty potty. The memories...made me glad for my preferred travel wardrobe of skirts/dresses. ;) Happy adventuring!

  9. The food is certainly very pretty; glad to know it is also good.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  10. Amazing experiences!!!! I am not into squatting to pee & with my knees these days! ;) ENJOY!!!

  11. Too late, but I was guessing China, though we had some similar experiences in Japan. Loved the trains, the floor level toilets, not so much. :)

  12. Lovely…all the way to Hong Kong…that is just amazing! The pictures are great…not sure how I feel about that toilet…although I am big hater of pee on the seat too…so it might be something worth trying.

    This weekend was chanting, yoga, and a great big walk in the sunshine! Wheeee!!! I finally spotted my first spring crocuses and I was pretty pumped about that!

  13. Awesome!!

    Obviously, I'm a little late to the guessing game but it seems you're having a fine time :)

    Keep sharing, please? I am living vicariously through other travelers until I can go away again!


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