May 20, 2014

Three Annoying Questions for... Roni Noone!

Interview By Crabby McSlacker

This time, our "Three Annoying Questions" are directed at the amazing Roni Noone!

I first started following Roni at Roni's Weigh, but she's also added a couple more great blogs, Green Lite Bites, and The UnWorldy Travelers. Plus she's been heading up an online fitness community, Blog to Lose, and putting on the fitness blogging conference FitBloggin'.  Oh yeah, and she's written a cookbook and started a media company and a twitter movement and raises healthy kids and does all kinds of athletic things like marathons and Tough Mudders, and I believe she's won several Nobel prizes and has been to the moon and was recently named ambassador to Albania. Or something like that. The woman does not seem to sit still for long!

And yet... she always comes off as warm and real and down to earth without any big-headed superstar diva attitude.  What's up with that Roni?

Anyway, you can find out more about her health and fitness empire at; meanwhile, please stay tuned for her answers to 3 Annoying Questions! --Crabby

1. I can't imagine all the work that must go into putting on a conference like FitBloggin', and I'm so psyched that I'm going this year! So, what would you consider the biggest pain in the ass, or else the most scary thing, about putting together a gathering like that?

You know it's funny. I don't think I can pin point the BIGGEST pain in the ass as it's all great big stress ball but I love it. Every year I bang my head against the wall wondering why in the hell I signed up for this again and then every year without fail I see all the smiling faces at the conference and it makes it all worth it.

Now, if you put a gun to my head and made me really pick the one thing that gets by goat year after year it's definitely people backing out. Either sponsors who show interest and don't commit or speakers/volunteers who commit and then bail. That's a total thorn in my side. ugh.

2. You've been in the weight loss and fitness blogging game for almost a decade, right? And unlike so many who've quit along the way, you've kept growing and evolving and gaining new fans. What was the toughest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

I have! Crazy, right? Accepting my own evolution has been the hardest. I am by no means the person I was when I started. My goals are different, my life is different, my weight is different, my body is different, my blog is different. It's a challenging balance act to stay true to yourself while opening your life up to the opinions of so many and I struggled with that for sometime. Now I am who I am and try to worry less about how the decisions I make for me will affect my readers.

3. And how about an unfair and absurd hypothetical to finish off with?

Let's say an Evil Criminal Mastermind threatened to have you dispensed with (in some extremely unfortunate way, because evil masterminds are known for that) unless you handed over all of your enterprises--all of your blogs, the FitBloggin' Conference, any past or future books, your SkinnyMedia empire, the Blog to Lose online community--everything. But then, in a sudden moment of compassion, he says you get to keep just ONE thing.

What would you keep and why?

Ohhh SO TOUGH! If I could only pick one of my own projects to focus on for the rest of my life it would have to be GreenLiteBites. I need the creative food outlet. I just do. Plus, let's be honest, food is central to all we do so I would find a way to weave in my other passions through the lens of cooking. I'd still have a way to share photos, and stories and my life and that's what I'm most passionate about.

Thanks so much Roni!

So, anyone have any thoughts or want to say hi to Roni while she's virtually in the room?


  1. One year I'm going to make it to FitBloggin'!!
    I didn't realize Roni had so many other ventures - I will have to check them out!

  2. WOW such annoying questions! LOL! JK! And man I wish I were going to FitBloggin' this year!!! I think it's even on my birthday! I should be GIFTED with a free pass, RIGHT?? Am I right?! LOL!

    I have actually been reading Roni for a LONG LONG LONG time, way before I ever started my blog!!!!!!! It's crazy! :)

  3. All good questions. Loved this! And about that food... it is not only central, is it also ETERNAL! (at least that's what my stomachs keep telling me)

  4. Love reading Roni & all she does.. I get over to read her blog & GreenLite Bites.. she may not know it cause I don't comment a lot these days but I read.. she always amazes me with all she does & a mom too!!!! :)

  5. I didn't know about GreenLiteBites!! Looky there! The first article has a good looking meal for one! Organized by ingredient and meal type and food type. She must know me. If there is too much fuss I am gone when it comes to cooking!

  6. Roni is a sweetheart! I've tried a few of her recipes too and YUM! I follow several of her blogs. She is such a REAL person. :)


  8. I realize that life is not always 'fair', but how can anyone so multi-talented and nice also be cute & funny?! Love this post since it introduced me to her site. Thanks BOTH of you (Crabby and Roni).

  9. I have been following Roni for years, too, and often search GreenLiteBites for a recipe. Aren't we all lucky to "know" such great Bloggers? Thanks, Roni! Thanks, Crabby!


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  11. Thanks for the post, now I know about Roni's blog. I've found a lot of useful info from there.


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