What the Heck is Cranky Fitness?

Cranky Fitness is a health and fitness blog, sort of. It was started by Crabby McSlacker in 2007, which in blog years, makes it approximately 97 years old.

Photo montage by the awesome Bossy of I Am Bossy

Crabby periodically wanders away and then comes back again, and posting is sometimes infrequent. But somehow the blog still survives!

The main reason Cranky Fitness hangs in there year after year is because of the people other than Crabby who have supported and contributed and built a community of sorts. So blame the plucky group of commenters (sometimes know as the Cranketeers), past cobloggers and current contributors (more info below) the great guest bloggers who stop by, and kind folks who sometimes link here. Without them the blog would have faded away a long time ago.

Would you like upbeat inspirational advice about how easy and fun it is to eat healthy food, lose weight, and stay in shape? Then you will not like it here. One of the founding principles of Cranky Fitness is: Healthy Living is a Pain in the Ass.

Blog topics at Cranky Fitness include general health, fitness, nutrition, personal development, disease prevention, and aging. There is also plenty of miscellaneous griping about unrelated topics.

Disclaimer: We are not health experts. Do not take our advice seriously and then try to sue us when Bad Things Happen. Consult your doctor, pharmacist, psychotherapist, herbalist, chiropractor, dentist, shaman, voo-doo practitioner or other appropriate health professional before doing anything that might affect your physical or mental health.

About Crabby McSlacker:

Crabby McSlacker, also known as Jan Graham, is a Life and Wellness Coach over at "Live a Little" Life and Wellness Coaching. She is an ACE certified Health Coach, and author of a silly fitness ebook with a swear word in the title.  She is still licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist but doesn't have a therapy practice anymore, she just does the life and health coaching thing which is way more fun. Oh, and eons ago she used to be an attorney, which seems awfully unlikely, doesn't it?

Crabby tries to stay active and keep fit and eat healthy and sometimes makes a decent effort!

But other times, not so much.

Who is "The Lobster?"

Crabby shares a happy bicoastal life with her Most Amazing Wife, known on the blog as "The Lobster." The Lobster sometimes acts as an unofficial, extremely patient blog photographer who will take 347 photos of Crabby in a pair of headphones or shorts or shoes until Crabby finds one she doesn't look too funny in.

Crabby and the Lobster have been together since 1990 and were married in Massachusetts. They both grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, but now split their time between Provincetown, MA, and San Diego, California.  They enjoy camping and touring the country in "Fran the Van," a 19 foot Pleasureway campervan of which they are inordinately fond.

Say Hi to Some Current Blog Contributors!

"Starving Bitch," aka Dee, blogs over at Striving for Skinny Jeans.  At Cranky Fitness she helps with product reviews, guest posting, and virtual personal assisting of various sorts.

Here's what she's got to say for herself: 
"I'm single, currently unemployed. I love Kickboxing, boxing and eating. I'm an advocate for animal and veteran causes as my father is a Veteran.  My favorite comfort food is macaroni, hamburg and plain yogurt all mixed together. Brings back memories of my Yiayia and hanging out with her."
"Research Nancy" contributes blog posts on topics that Crabby finds too annoying to deal with herself because the research can not be neatly summarized and paired with a cartoon and dispensed with.

Research Nancy says:
"I love researching things. I am passionate about fitness and health and love learning about new ways to achieve both."

Would you like to be a Cranky Fitness contributor?

The blog could currently use help with social media such as Facebook and Twitter etc, blog posts that sound kinda like the ones Crabby writes, and possibly some other things as well. There is no compensation, alas, other than speculative future income opportunities, promotional opportunities for your business or website, and extreme gratitude. Being an Official Contributor involves a minimum 3 month time commitment and putting up with Crabby who is the most disorganized delegator of duties ever.

About Former Co-bloggers Merry, Jo and Gigi:

Former Cranky Fitness co-blogger Merry can be found at her blog Sheesh; likewise, Jo hangs out at  Head Nurse. Gigi can be located at Chunky Monkey Mama. Some great posts in the Cranky Fitness archives were written by these fine bloggers!

Questions/Contact Info?

To get a hold of Crabby, visit her very weird contact info page.

Note: if you are in the publishing/entertainment field and are wondering why on earth there is not a whole line of Cranky Fitness books on the best-seller lists already, along with a reality tv show and a broadway musical, she will get back to you ASAP!